Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More Photos

These are of my house and Abby's room. Kathie was a great help getting all this up while she was here with me. THANK YOU!!!

Okay I just stole these pics that Kathie took while she was here visiting from her blog, so that you could all enjoy them too. These are of Abby, aren't they CUTE!! Kathie is very good with her camera, she keeps bugging me to get better.

Okay, let me go hunting and see what other photos I can find, stay tuned.

Getting to know everyone

This is our first attempt at a blog so we will see how this goes. This was created to keep friends and family up to date on the happenings of our little but growing family. Mom hopes she can do a good job of keeping up with all the activities and daily exploits of life.

Most family will want to keep up Abby as she grows and growing she is. She, now at six weeks this Wednesday, is sleeping through the night. She has been for a few weeks. She sleeps from about 10-5 or 11-6 depending on when I can get her to sleep. She is starting to be much more interactive, meaning she will hold your eyes and 'talk' to you. She is smiling and cooing and it's been great to see that become more and more normal these last few days. She is tracking really well with the bells, not as well with just visual objects.

She is also lulling us into a false sense of security with going to church. We went to all 3 hours for the first time two Sundays ago and she slept through it all except the last 10 mins. of Relief Society. Then this Sunday she was sleeping or happy in her car seat all through Sacrament meeting, I feed her the first part of Sunday School, and she was sleeping or happily awake through the rest of church. Somehow I don't think this is going to last, but I will enjoy it while I can.

The cloth diapering has been much easier then I thought it would be. I am still amazed that the dirty diapers don't smell! I know it will only last a short period of time, but I will enjoy it while I can.

As far as dad and I we are doing great. Dad is really excited that his friend who moved to New Jeresy is in town this week visiting so we have a really busy week this week. Tonight mom and Abby get to go watch dad play a pick up game of soccer with his friends and have snow cones afterward.

Mom goes in for her six week check up this week, and suspects all will be well. Now she just needs to figure out how to fit in some time for exercising so she can lose the rest of the Abby weight.

Here are some pics of us.