Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting back into things

Wow, I can't believe I have left everyone hanging for a whole month! I really had no idea it had been that long. Given how busy I was getting ready for this trip I guess I can understand. Well I have too much from this trip to put in one post. So in my first post I will trow in all kinds of pics from the camera that have nothing to do with Alaska.

Okay this one is of baby Abby when she was between 2-3 weeks old. You will get to watch her grow a few months in this post....arn't you excited... just for kickers, pay attention to the hair! I can't believe how short it is in this first pic!

This is Abby's first bath in Daddy's sink. Kathie and I had quite the time trying to figure out how to do all that without letting her slip and fall, but it all worked out and we had a clean Abby. She loves bath time, hasn't cried once.
Okay, this picture is dark, I am talking, and Abby is crying...that pretty much discribes her blessing day. She screamed through the whole day. That is my dad and my grandpa there with us. It's a four generation picture, even if it isn't the best one out there!!! That was the fist weekend in June...just FYI.

This is a very confused looking Abby...what is that thing mom... at least she is waving. Just a cuse picture, she was being cute and moving around, so believe it or not his is the best picture in the series. I really should have turned off the vibrator on the chair she is in. Oh well, live and learn. This would be late June or early July.

Okay this one is in late July and it was a family outing. This picture is in Vivian Park, right next to where the Heber Creeper stops/starts. We were playing a card came. It was a wonderful family day. We started out at Brial Veil falls and ate lunch there and then walked up to Vivian Park and played (card) games there for a while. Then we walked back to Brial Veil and went out to dinner. It was a 'day-cation'. Since that was all I was up for. It was a great day! And Abby's first full day out of the house. She did wonderful.

This is early August. Abby is hanging out in her crib, intently watching and listening to the Panda wind chims above her crib. She loves those!

Daddy and Abby hanging out. Arn't they cute. I think this is the first day she wore her lady bug pajamas and I thought they were cute so I took a picture.

Daddy and Abby in the Moby, her favorite way of hanging out...literally I guess. She loves to be in the middle of the action in this and smiles when she see us putting it on.

Aaahhh Football season arrives - Mid August I believe. This is draft day, for Lee's fantasy football league and we hosted the draft at our house.

As you can see Lee's favorite team is the Vikings, yes they are currently 0-2, but you can't always make them win (they really need a quarterback), and his favorite player is Randy Moss. No I did not make this really cool cake. The husband and wife team that head the league are taking a cake decorating class and they made this cake. The name for the league, kinda funny huh.

WARNING CUTENESS ALERT!!! The following picure may be to cute for it's own good.

It's she cute adorable!! This was my first attempt at actually putting her hair up! She is wearing a lady bug in her hair and her 'cute as a bug' outfit. Snazzy huh! This is late August.

Okay last picure. This one is from when we were in Alaska. She is having a ball playing with er worm in the play pen. She is wearing her 'Leader of the Pack' outfit, so I had to take a picture. See all the hair. Okay here is one more a close up. Compare this one with the first one and see what I mean about the hair!!!