Thursday, March 12, 2009


Okay, you can stone me. I was really bad at taking pictures on this trip. But here is what I have.

These are a city whose names I don't know how to spell. I have more but I have maxed out this post and will have to do a second with some of the stain glass windows.

These start the Pottery ones in Delft. We did get a shoe just like the one shown here. I could not believe how expensive this stuff is. You can see the prices on many of them, they are in Euros, and one Euro was about $1.50 at the time I was there. So yeah that little shoe cost me like $25-$30!! I don't know how anyone could really eat off of these things!

This above shows how the pottery goes through the process of being make, kinda cool huh.

The clip above is of a worker hand painting the Delft pottery. The clip below is the song being played at the church. Sorry it's sideways, but we walked into the square right when it started playing and me, being in picture mode, just kept things can't rotate a video like you can a picture. Lesson learned. You will need the sound on to get the best out of this one.

Even more Alaska

Okay, I probably put way to many pictures in this post, but just look through them quickly. This is the garden in Juno and I was just amazed at how beautiful it was. There was this huge land slide back in the day so there were all these trees lying around, so the guy who made this place turned them upside down and used the tree roots as baskets for arrangements. Belive it or not, I have more pictures then this, but I think you get the idea.

These are what I was talking about. Those are upside down treet with arrangements on the top.

This tree in the photo above has some kind of parasite that makes it grow lots of extra limbs, fuuny looking huh!

That thing that looks like a whale tail is actually a tree stump from the old land slide.

This is the view from the top of the trial. They take you up and down on golf carts.

If you look hard to can see an eagles nest near the top of the tree. Look where all of a sudden the tree seems to get really thick, that is the nest.

A close up of one of those upside down tree planters.

Okay that is all I am going to put in of the gardens, pretty huh!

More Alaska

Remembr that eagle mentioned on the other eagle post that winters with the rescue place. Well this is that eagle. She lives at the top of the tram, the view as you ride up the tram is great, as you can see and you go up through the rain forest.

These are the views from the tram as you go up. This place is water and then instant mountains. I didn't know before I went, but Juno is land locked. You can not drive to it. You must come by boat or plane. Funny huh!

You can see a little of the cruise ships docking here.

This is a better one of the cruise ships. The whole downtown area was basically created for all the tourists. One thing I guess Senior Citizens can't get enough of are Jewerly and Furs. Every other shop is one or the other. I could not believe it, especially when you look at the prices!

These are the last ones from the hatchery.

More Alaska Pics

Okay I guess it is only going to let me put five pics up at once. These and probably the next post too, come from the hatchery. You will pics of the Salmon and all the other fishy stuff at the gift store/educational area. There's alot going on in Alaska that really keeps all the world's critters happily chuggin' along.