Saturday, June 20, 2009

Where does time go!!!

Here I am talking about trying to do better and look at all the time that has passed. I can't believe it! I even thought of lots of really nice posts. I have pictures from a visit to grandma and grandpa (Harding's) house, pictures from the zoo and Abby's one year pics. GGRRR how do I get so far behind. Scratch that, just tried to open the pics my mom sent me and they aren't pics, they are shortcuts, so no go there.

So I will tell you about what is going on since the other ones are not yet loaded onto the computer. Abby is doing wonderful. She runs everywhere now. She is still small, 50% on height and 5% yes five on weight. The doctor says it's perfectly fine and she's healthy and well. She walks with her left foot turned out, so he sent to a specialist up at Primary Children's to make sure it wasn't a big deal. Yeah, it wasn't, they said bring her back if she is still walking that way when she is 5. She is a joy most of the time. She is learning to talk. Words she has down for sure are:
Daddy - used for me and Lee and people in general - though if Lee answers her calls in the middle of the night she is NOT happy!!
Hi - with a wave
Bye - with a wave
Baba - that's actually for a toy sheep and the other cut outs from that book not the bottle oddly enough.
What's that(this)- It's not always perfectly clear, but there's not doubt that is what she's saying
Toto - for the toy Totero - not sure I spelled that right
Doggie - She's just learning this one, so it's not very good yet
She will also shake her finger at you for no, though she doesn't say it. She does it when she wants to say no and when you say no to her. It's rather cute. I don't recall doing this to her, but she had to pick it up somewhere....

She still loves to dance. She really like the musical cards and dancing to them. She also dances to some of her toys that are musical. She dance to car music and TV music...basically if it has a good beat she will dance to it. She is learning how to go up and down stairs and freaking mom out in the process. Down, of course, is the hard part. She still doesn't always think about sitting down or going backwards, but she is getter there.

Okay, that's enough for now. I will try and get the pics to the computer tomorrow so you can see how cute she is!!

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Kathie said...

Glad you posted - she sounds so cute! I will give you a call - just been really busy.