Monday, May 11, 2009

Trying to do better posting...

Yes, Amber. After much thought and sorrow, I did find a rescue organization that I felt comfortable turning the dogs over to. It was really hard the day I took them and dropped them off. But they did not think they would have any problems placing them. They were papered, and I turned the papers over to them, current on their shots, spayed or neutered, and had microchips. Given all of that and the fact that they were actually semi-trained (sometime they have selective hearing) they didn't think it would be difficult to place them at all. I turned them over at the start April I believe.

Mother's day. This was my first real Mother's DAY!! Okay, last year I was about ready to pop, and Lee did get me a card from Abby then too. It was a calm day, nothing spectacular, just nice and relaxing. This week is also our second anniversary and Abby's first birthday. A full week to say the least. Just to make things fun, Lee's work decided he need to go to Vegas this week....woohoo. So he left this morning (Monday) and will be back Wednesday night. He will miss our anniversay, but be back for Abby's birthday.

For Abby's birthday we are taking her and both sets of grandparents to the Zoo. It ought to be an interesting day. Hopefully she will have a ball looking at all of the animals and not be to tired or overwelmed by it all. She is walking all over the place and just having a ball. I need to get a little video of her walking up here. I am sure we will get a few this weekend at the zoo and then you can see everyone. I am hoping that it all goes well and I am going to make cupcakes for her to make a mess with.

Most of the transplants to the garden took. The smaller celery plants died, but I still have some more starts fir those. I just need them to grow a bit more I guess, and I lost some herbs that didn't transplant well, so I will plant seeds out for those and see how they do.

Well Abby's up, got to go.

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