Monday, May 4, 2009

Abby is walking!!

Sorry it has been awhile, again. I really need to get better at this! But is has been a busy month with either Lee or myself traveling three of the four weeks in April. Since things have calmed down I thought I would tell the great news! Abby took her first steps on the 22nd of April. I am amazed at how fast she can figure things out. The first steps were a six or seven step run then fall from the couch to her playing mat. She was so pleased with herself too, she just hugged and giggled with the stuffed animal she fell on. After that it really didn't talk long for her to get going. Now, not even two weeks later, she is walking all over the place. Now her steps are slow, deliberate, and very controlled. She still falls frequently, but giver her another two weeks and I bet that will no longer be an issue. Sunday she was walking up and down the halls like a champ, though not as fast as some of the older toddlers.

I did go and see my sister and her kids for a week. It was fun to catch up with big sis, (though she is considerably smaller then me, dang this weight that likes to stay!) and see her kids. It amazes me at how big they are! Amber is 15, can you believe that! Jeremy is 12 and Zack now 9. I did bring my camera, but forgot to take it with me when we picked up the kids from their dad's and took them to the amusement park, sorry. I will try to get pics from Alethea soon. It was the first year Zack (9) was tall enough to right the BIG rides, and boy, the look on his face when we got off the first one was priceless!!! My brother Pat (the 6 foot something little brother) also flew out from Vernal UT to spend the weekend with us at the amusement park. It was a nice trip and I wish Alethea and kids all the best at this hard time for them.

Lee's trips where work related and the second one was to San Francisco, someplace he had not been before. He had a good time hosting a booth instead of running the conference, so it was different and fun for him. He's down to Vegas, again, for three days next week, which he's not really looking forward too. It's just for meetings and he's missing our anniversary so we are a bit bummed about that. He will be here for mother's day and Abby's b'day on the 14th, so all things considered he squeezed it in the best he could. That Saturday, the 16th I believe, we are taking Abby and the grandparents to the Zoo for Abby's 1st B'day!! I am hoping it is fun and that it all goes well. She really likes going to the pet store, so hopefully she will like seeing all the animals at the zoo.

The garden is coming along well. I will be moving all the starts out to the garden this week. Greatefully only a few have died at Abby's courious hands. She's really proud about picking them and holding them up for me to see. It doesn't look like there will be another frost, or so I hope, so after looking at the forecast I am talking the plunge and getting all the other things put in. Once I get the patio cleaned up and things planted I will get some pics of it on here for you guys to see.

Well I best get somethings done besides typing while Abby is still asleep.


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Does that mean the dogs are gone??