Thursday, March 12, 2009


Okay, you can stone me. I was really bad at taking pictures on this trip. But here is what I have.

These are a city whose names I don't know how to spell. I have more but I have maxed out this post and will have to do a second with some of the stain glass windows.

These start the Pottery ones in Delft. We did get a shoe just like the one shown here. I could not believe how expensive this stuff is. You can see the prices on many of them, they are in Euros, and one Euro was about $1.50 at the time I was there. So yeah that little shoe cost me like $25-$30!! I don't know how anyone could really eat off of these things!

This above shows how the pottery goes through the process of being make, kinda cool huh.

The clip above is of a worker hand painting the Delft pottery. The clip below is the song being played at the church. Sorry it's sideways, but we walked into the square right when it started playing and me, being in picture mode, just kept things can't rotate a video like you can a picture. Lesson learned. You will need the sound on to get the best out of this one.


Amber said...

Wow. So I checked your blog, like I occasionally do, just to see the same old posts. I was very surprised that there are 3 pages of new posts since I last checked...which couldn't have been THAT long ago! Haha. Thanks for the update. By the way, this is Amber Rowley. You are on my blog role at Thought you would like to know.

Rack said...

Looks like you guys have been doing a lot of traveling. That's awesome! I'm glad you are able to go with Lee.