Thursday, March 12, 2009

More Alaska

Remembr that eagle mentioned on the other eagle post that winters with the rescue place. Well this is that eagle. She lives at the top of the tram, the view as you ride up the tram is great, as you can see and you go up through the rain forest.

These are the views from the tram as you go up. This place is water and then instant mountains. I didn't know before I went, but Juno is land locked. You can not drive to it. You must come by boat or plane. Funny huh!

You can see a little of the cruise ships docking here.

This is a better one of the cruise ships. The whole downtown area was basically created for all the tourists. One thing I guess Senior Citizens can't get enough of are Jewerly and Furs. Every other shop is one or the other. I could not believe it, especially when you look at the prices!

These are the last ones from the hatchery.

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Kathie said...

I had almost forgotten how beautiful Alaska is, I want to go in June. I think it is amazing and would love to live there someday.